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An industrial structure with an artisan flavour, well organized and flexible, always ready to solve customized solutions. A wide range of models and types satisfy the most diverse needs, respecting taste and functionality. It ranges from models with a strong design to extremely technical models to more everyday and easily interpretable solutions.


The comfort and the class

Sound-absorbing fabrics that give life to highly performing decorative panels in terms of sound shielding.


The pleasure of living in unique environments

The pleasure of carving out a unique corner that can satisfy the senses and offer indescribable pleasures to those who experience them, day after day.


Our Wallcovering par excellence

The yarns and processes, skilfully applied with skill and mastery, are used to enrich and give color to the collections.

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Transform your walls

Study and creation of classic and modern decorative walls paying attention to the quality of the materials used and to the detail of the finishes for both hotels and private residential buildings.


The best professionals at your disposal

A proven staff of professionals who together offer a global service for the design and construction of turnkey supplies for various sectors, from public spaces to hotels, from restaurants to yachts, from public to private spaces.


The art and technique of our projects

Special components that can complete and enrich compositions and generic models, everything that can be made with multiple materials in the most diverse projects is contemplated with great frequency, leaving free interpretation to the design and imagination.

Satisfaction guaranteed

With Tecnofinish you decide the best for your goal.

You put the dream into it, we make it come true.

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