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Tecnofinish EcoPaper is the result of years of research in our laboratories. We have managed to create a paper, which can be coupled to the fabric, which does not contain polyester, while managing to maintain high tenacity, elasticity and tensile strength qualities.


Our Ecopaper

As you can see in this video, the Ecopaper product does not emit toxic fumes during combustion, maintaining the abrasion and elasticity performance unchanged.


Eco-sustainable tenacity and flexibility

Thanks to our patented formula, we are able to produce a paper characterized by high tenacity and incredible elasticity. This allows printing and processing for any type of wallpaper.


A digitally printable medium

Tecnofinish eco-sustainable support is made by coating, with the addition of fireproof products (Ecofire GG77) that do not use halogenates or toxic flame retardants.

The product can be digitally printed, thus optimizing the production quantities and giving the possibility to decide the desired 3D effects only by editing a file.

The starting support can be with a metallic, pearlescent and opaque effect.

Satisfaction guaranteed

With Tecnofinish you decide the best for your goal.

You put the dream into it, we make it come true.

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