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Bio-Mais Wallcovering is a natural support developed through the integration of chemistry, environment and agriculture and obtained from a series of innovative technologies in the field of starches, celluloses and latex-based dyes.

The performance, internal abrasion, scratch resistance, light fastness,
they are equal to the characteristics of the decorative PVC on the market today and, in some cases (e.g. abrasion), much more performing.
The product produced has high biodegradability characteristics (UNI EN 1342).
Bio-Corn, thanks to the high content of renewable raw materials, allows
optimize the management of organic waste and consequently the impact
environment, also significantly developing the circular economy.

On average, 15/30 liters of irrigation water are needed to obtain raw materials
renewable resources necessary for the production of 1 kg of Bio-Corn, a quantity that
minimally affect the planet's resources.

Tecnofinish Bio-Mais is a product that can be made fireproof thanks to the application of EcoFire GG77 and lends itself to interventions in the hotel and contract world.

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