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EcoFire GG77

GG 77


The company's mission is devoted to the study and development of new production systems that are based on the use of natural and biocompatible raw materials with the aim of achieving the performance required by the reference markets. " The products currently on the market and used to fireproof any type of product (plastic, polyurethane, nylon, polypropylene, polyethylene, yarns, fabrics, etc.) contain toxic and carcinogenic substances, even if permitted by the laws in force. " Until now it was thought that these products trigger their toxicity only during the combustion phase.


A recent study carried out by the French Ministry of Health (ANSES) has shown that these products are volatile, even in the inert phase and accused of causing: "breast cancer," hormonal interference "," alteration of masculinization ".


Therefore they can be inhaled daily in everyday life, while staying in a hotel, in a public place, in a theater or in a school.

ECOFIRE GG77 is a product extracted from the chlorine cells of a particular fish, our laboratories have synthesized the natural process by which this particular type of amphibian captures oxygen from the water, separating it from the salt.


With the same concept, during combustion, oxygen is captured, thus depriving the flame of being fed . 

The resulting direct consequences are:

  • low flame temperature

  • transparent fumes

  • high oxygen percentage (loi 38%)

  • creation of high carbonization.


This product, combined with other natural raw materials and suitably mixed and capable of fireproofing any raw material or compound. To date, ongoing projects have allowed us to naturally fireproof:

  • Wood veneer

  • fabrics

  • expanded polyurethane

  • nylon 6 and nylon 6/6 polyester

  • plastic

  • paint

  • polyethylene

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