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Who we are

Tecnofinish believes in sustainability and respect for the environment.

For this reason, thanks to an internal research and development department, for years it has been concentrating its efforts on the creation of eco-sustainable and biodegradable products.

Furthermore, with a view to circular economy, it favors the recovery of waste materials and the regeneration of fabrics through unique processing and finishing.


Our history

Since 1980 Tecnofinish has been offering textile finishing services for the furniture sector.


The continuous market requests, and in particular the direct orders to the contract sector, have allowed us to offer special processes even for small production batches.


Today we are able to offer Flame Retardant treatments, redevelopment treatments and finishing of all kinds for curtains and fabrics for the upholstery sector.

Over the years, thanks to a policy aimed at constantly looking into the future, with continuous investments, work techniques, respect for the environment and safety have always been improved. New technologies, new markets, innovation, experimentation, certifications are all useful ingredients for continuous growth. Today Tecnofinish can print in digital 3D, with particular exclusive printing systems and with eco-sustainable dyes, UV, pigments.

In 2016 a new printing department was inaugurated for the wallcovering sector, with special systems created in partnership with leading companies in the sector.

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