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Flame Retardant



It is a technical treatment par excellence, not to be confused with a fashion effect treatment.

1) The first step is identified in the standard to be met, that is the necessary fire resistance requirements, which determine the intended use of the final product;


2) Check the base, the composition, in order to evaluate the quantity of product to be applied and how to balance the phases of intumescence, carbonization and flame retardancy, which occur during combustion. "


3) Verify the results with an indicative test, which is carried out in our internal laboratory, in order to make the necessary changes to the recipe and verify the positivity of the test.


4) The final stage, if requested by the customer, is to certify the product in a notified laboratory, in order to obtain the official fireproof certification that will allow the product to be used for the contract sector.

This final phase is scrupulously followed by tecnofinish until the positive result of the test. The customer is asked to process personal data in order to register the certification.


All treatments and collections created are treated with the product  ECOFIRE GG77  know how TECNOFINISH and world exclusive of the same.

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