Flame Retardant

Standard proof

We comply with all the most important international standards to provide the flame retardant efficiency requested by the market, also on imported fabrics that are already manufactured and finished.
Our latest novelty is the creation of a foam compound able to make polypropylene fabrics flame retardant.
Total Blackout

In one step only

The treatment, applicable to any kinfof tissue, is made in one step only by lamination of a three-layer membrane: you can optimize production costs and minimum factors that make inaccessible the processing with other technologies.
Fabric Restyling

Innovation and Research

Fabric restyling allows using unsold fabrics in stock to create new collections, cutting down the costs for unsold items
Since 1980, textile finishing of furnishing fabrics
The development of specific equipment able to exceed the efficiency requested by the current standards allowed us to offer special products for furnishing at absolutely competitive costs and, last but not least, for small production batches; specifically, we offer combined flame retardant, blackout and requalification treatments for curtains and fabrics.

The plants where the treatments are carried out, designed with the objective to ensure versatility, innovation and precision in the services, are certified according to the current standards. The facility covers a 6,000 m2 area, with an average daily output of 20,000m.