Total Blackout

In one step only

Total Blackout is an innovative production process that ensures total darkness for any type of fabric, with low costs and production minimum quantities.
Drag the blue stripe and discover the Total Blackout effect
Compared to the past, this innovative darkening system lets you choose the quality and the type of material to use in the fitting and matching in the execution of contract, residential, naval supplies, etc.

The blackout consists of a film formed by three thermally bound layers: the white external layers have a melting temperature lower than that of the black layer that, during the melting and bonding process, remains unchanged, thus ensuring a total blackout.

1 3-layer Film
  • White side hot melting
  • Darkening internal layer
  • White side hot melting
Black is black
Why choose our solution?
The treatment offers many advantages in terms of costs, quality standards and production flexibility. We can treat fabrics in H.140 and H.300.
  • Significant reduction of weight and volume
  • Resistant to pleating
  • Save on weight compared to coated materials
  • The ideal solution for the light or for open-mesh fabrics
  • No curling after lamination
  • No fraying
  • Odorless
  • Compatible with small batch production
  • No fogging
  • Easy to use
  • A technology that needs neither solvents nor water
  • Excellent bonding characteristics
  • All in only one step
The sectors where the Total Blackout films are applicable are endless. Here are some examples
  • Roller blinds
  • Pleated curtains
  • Bamboo curtains
  • Car hoods
  • Truck cabins
  • Flags
  • Advertising banners

The film can also be made flame retardant without changing its characteristics.

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